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Authenticate Your Lifestyle

Welcome to VCCESS, the worlds most exclusive members-only brand.

For those who demand only the best of what life has to offer the exclusive VCCESS Founders membership card is for you.

It’s not just like any plastic membership card, the Gen Zero VCCESS Founders membership card is available in black titanium and limited-edition.

The Gen Zero VCCESS Founders membership card includes our QF-TAG and security membrane to secure your authenticated collectibles with the member’s name laser etched on the front.

The Gen Zero VCCESS Founders membership card is available by application-only and will release in two tiers – membership only at 100 $USD and membership with founders VCCESS apparel 200 $USD.

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What benefits come with the membership?

Gen Zero VCCESS Founders Membership NFT Card

Exclusive members-only VCCESS blockchain-authenticated luxury streetwear apparel and collab products.

Members will be able to earn VCCESS tokens to be used across our VC network of lifestyle partners and brands. From concerts to sport-games and members-only events VCCESS is the place to be.

  • 5% Annual company net profit shared with VCCESS Gen-Zero members
  • 10% Annual company net profit shared with a charity chosen by VCCESS
  • Entry into the VCCESS lounge at the FUTURETAILAB concept showroom
  • VCCESS Member + 3 Guests to all company-sponsored events
  • Personalized VCCESS card with member-selected membership number and member name laser-etched on the front

VC makes it easy to curate your collectibles

The Authenticated Marketplace

The latest TAG-authenticated product drops and capsule collections.

Create shared experiences when you unlock the physical and digital goods you own.

Utilizing our 3-step quantum fingerprint called TAG; creators, buyers, and sellers are protected from counterfeit goods.

John Doe
John Doe
Sarah Doe
John Doe
John Doe

3-Step Quantum Fingerprint TAG


A single strand of rope can easily be broken when pulled tight. When you add a second strand of rope to the first strand it increases the durability but when you add that third strand of rope it is not quickly broken.

This analogy is the same with our 3-step process which increases tamper-proof security to our TAGs.

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VC utilizes our patent-pending quantum fingerprint TAGs attached to smart contracts on the public+private blockchain utility pipeline for authentication.


VC utilizes our Vccess membership cards with a biometric scanner to validate your identity when transferring ownership of collectibles.


VC utilizes quantum DHT technology to secure public+private hashed keys that respect user privacy, DRM and deters counterfeiting.



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